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The Sino-Dutch Centre for Preventive and Personalized Medicine (SD PPM) bridges the different philosophies underlying Western and Chinese medicine, based on scientific biochemical language following a Systems Biology approach.

Complementary strategies

The integration of Chinese and Western medicine strategies, philosophies and practices leads to innovative systems approaches in health care. The two strategies are highly complementary as the reductionist aspects of Western medicine are favourable in acute disease situations and the holistic aspects of Chines medicine offer more opportunities in chronic conditions and for prevention.

In the first installment of a three part series by Science Magazine, "The Art and Science of Traditional Medicine", an article was published called "East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet?". This article describes the two strategies and why they are highly complementary. The article is available for download here.

Personalized medicine

The systems biology investigations of the Sino-Dutch Centre suggest that traditional Chinese methods for subtyping in the diagnosis of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and arthritis, can be of use in deciding the course of treatment for patients in modern (Western) medicine. Furthermore it provides momentum for the move towards personalized medicine.

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